Memberships will be available if three ways.  Applications can be obtained in person at  Neschonoc Sports Shop , purchased online, or you can download the online form and mail it in with payment.  You will not have immediate access to site if mailing your membership. 

Membership Policy


  1. All memberships include spouse and minor children to age 18. 
  2. Members are strongly recommended  to donate 10 hours of volunteer work to the club each year.
  3. Members are asked to sell raffle tickets for the Club's annual Smoker fundraiser.
  4. Keys for the gate are kept at Neshonoc Sports Shop, where you will be required to show your membership card. o.

Membership Fees:


Annual - $40.00 

Lifetime - $400.00

(Membership run the calendar year Jan-Dec, regardless of date.)

If membership is purchased online a convenience fee will be added.

Buy your Membership Online

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Lifetime Members

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