Gun / Pistol Range



Pistol :    7 and 15 yds Standing 

Rifle Range: (25, 50, 75 and 100-yards) with covered firing points and bench rests 

Archery Range


Trap Shoot Range


Trap Range

Range Rules


  1. Only shoot during shooting hours (8 AM to dusk)
  2. Club Range security is in charge of the range and grounds.  Club Officers, Board Members, or other designated member will randomly observe activities and ask for membership cards.
  3. Obey states statutes --948.60 & 941.28.  Each person younger than 12 years, while he or she is shooting on club property, must be supervised by his or her parents or guardian or other club member approved for this purpose, in writing, by the parent or guardian.
  4. Fully automatic and altered rapid fire guns are prohibited by federal or state laws are not allowed on club grounds.
  5. No person is allowed forward of the firing line unless a cease fire has been called and range is clear. 
  6. Firearms must be unloaded and not handled when anyone is on the firing line. 
  7. Loaded firearms must remain pointed down range until they have been unloaded, and then the muzzle must always pointed in a safe direction. 
  8.  Only paper or metal spinning targets may be used on club range to prevent ricochets, set targets at a height which will cause all bullets to hit the backstop. Paper targets should be arranged so that they will not hit any of the wood or posts. 
  9.  It is prohibited to Arial shoot or use tracer, incendiary, glass or metal can targets.
  10. When you have finished shooting, remove your targets, pick up all brass, steel, aluminum and cleaning materials from the bench and range.  All maintenance is voluntary, this is you club….. Do your part to keep it Clean.
  11.  Failure to comply can be a loss of club membership.
  12. Ear and Eye protection for all shooters and observers is recommended.
  13. West Salem Rod & Gun Club is not responsible for accidents, loss, or theft.